23 mar. 2011

Naughty Memories Ch3

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Second collab with my lovely Kazuo Tade ♥♥♥♥ 18+
Linear Art by Kazuo - sama
Color by: me
Tachi (the girl) belongs to me ;D
scene of chapter 3 from the novel ~Naughty Memories~ by Angie Revel (me :D )
hope you like it ♥♥♥
Uncensored version

Luvyna head

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My new Chara Luvyna
Is a lovely werewolf
hope you like it

2 dic. 2010

A Mirror Under Sky

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No matter under what sky you're
we are connected ....

~Forgive me~

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Forgive me ...
because I hurt you
forgive me...
because I was selfish
forgive me...
I am an idiot ...
but I'm an idiot who loves you with all my heart
You are my reason to live, forgive me my love.

2 oct. 2010


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a Speed drawing

Tachi Kim OC Color

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Here Tachi Kim in color

1 oct. 2010

Lord Asagi

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Here my Lord Asagi
a simple pic
because a friend took it and painted as a Collab
thanks Jason *w*
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